Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our trip to Illinois

We went to Illinois this month and we were able to spend some time with Gma and Papa and Grandma Judy and Grandpa John. We had a really great time! It was fun to see them and make some great memories. We drove through the night on the way out and got there around 7 in the morning. Grandma and Grandpa came and got the girls and took them out for breakfast at Buck and Jo's, so Stu and I could get some sleep. Stu flew back home a few days later as he needed to be at work the next week or so. While he was gone we mostly hung out at Grandma and Grandpa house during the day while mom and dad were at work.

Mom did take off some time while we were there and we went to the splash pad, to Scheel's in Springfield, to Chuck-e-Cheeses, and to the zoo. The kids had a blast everyday. At Scheel's they have a bowling game, a ferris wheel, shooting games, a fudge factory, and many other things. It was really fun and not at all what I initially expected.

In the evenings when Papa got home we picked tomatoes, corn, green beans, onions, peaches, and nectarines. Dad the kids that each of them could pick an onion and Bryce picked one and then picked another one. Dad told him no only one bud so he threw one onion back down, Dad told him no pick that one up it is ok, so Bryce picked the 2nd one up and then picked a 3rd. It was really funny!!!

While we were there we also bought a new car. Yep that right, we did it again. We bought it at dad's work, they found us a great deal that we decided we didn't want to pass up. When we were checking out the salesmen said that when he when he goes on vacation he usually buys a T-shirt as a souvenir, but I buy a car. Dad had told him that last time we were out there as a family that we bought a car.

Mostly it was just great being back in Illinois, I love Wyoming, but it is nice to see cornfields but more importantly family. It is nice when mom and dad and grandma and grandpa come to Wyoming and visit, but it is good to have the kids out there too. The memories we made were amazing and I hope we can go out again next year.

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